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Praise for The Paris Photo

"A quietly powerful book . . . a thoughtful delineation of characters and a sensitive study of a culture and an era." - Kirkus Reviews

 “Jane S. Gabin's words skip across the page with a deft touch and lightness in total contrast to the depth and imagery in this story . . . I found myself re-reading sections as the gravity overwhelmed me. I was deeply moved."

- Susan McGregor, book reviewer, MyFrenchLife.org, March 7, 2019 -


"An intriguing glimpse into the relationships that can be formed now as the Holocaust reverberates into our own time. A single photograph of an American soldier in Paris led the author into a world of discoveries—and the reader will gladly follow her.”

— Mary Dingee Fillmore, author of An Address in Amsterdam

“Seldom does historical fiction provide the reader with such profound insights into the Holocaust’s impact. The Paris Photo is a moving and thoroughly researched account of modern history’s darkest hours.”

— Sharon Halperin, Director, The Holocaust Speakers Bureau

“Jane Gabin’s The Paris Photo fascinated me. Being sensitive to how some of her characters suffered often made my heart tremble. But then my feelings would soar and my heart could stay open, because in plunging into it I could see how well the author’s characters faced the City of Light’s dark past.”

Dr. Alan T. Marty, historian and author

Inspired by a true story, The Paris Photo describes the unremitting fear and despair felt by those - especially Jewish families - living in occupied France during World War II. The reader will be transported to an unfathomably painful past, gradually unveiling a scar-filled present where questions remain unanswered and relationships unresolved.

Painstakingly researched, this book provides an account of modern history’s darkest hours. The Paris Photo offers a valuable and absorbing window into an era that remains extremely relevant today.